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Entry #1

Keepin it Fresh

2013-06-17 15:08:29 by Spooky

I have recently deleted all previous news posts and also deleted my post history. You may ask why and the reason is simple enough: clean slate. Looking back through my posts was an interesting journey to take, showing not only my progression as a user on Newgrounds but as a person discovering their identity and developing new perspectives and tastes from early teens onwards. I'd like to think Newgrounds is partially responsible for that. But other than the inevitable embarrassing earlier years, some of my posts tended to portray a character who I do not feel accurately reflects my true self nor were they very positive posts. I don't expect myself to be going goody two shoes or typing everything out meticulously but I'll try to be more true to my actual self in my postings rather than striving to create an online persona. Not that everything I did before was fake or posing of course but I'd like to be more genuine.

I don't really care about stats. At all. And you probs shouldn't care about this shit, either. I just thought I'd explain to avoid people asking in future.

Peace niqqas.

Keepin it Fresh


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