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2014-06-14 17:07:51 by Spooky

Ayo if you want any recs involving emotive hardcore / post hardcore / punk / screamo, hit me up. Heck, just music in general. I like to chat music.



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2014-07-04 17:24:18

favorite tracks off of merriweather are my girls (a year later and now it makes sense), also frightened and daily routine

especially daily routine because panda bear perfectly expresses the fear, erraticness and joy of fatherhood

i'm sorry i ever doubted your taste and i'm so happy to finally start liking anco

Spooky responds:

Merriweather is an enjoyable indie pop album that changed the game of electronica influenced indie when it was released.

You into Feels at all? Also try Campfire Songs and / or Sung Tongs if you haven't already.


2014-06-24 13:48:42

how good are the newfound interest in connecticut?

Spooky responds:

They're good. Listen!


2014-06-16 22:35:40

Rise Against is my favorite. But I guess what I was getting at is how the people argue how they're either punk or hardcore. Personally I don't care about the difference, haha. I also like The Offspring a good amount (whom are obviously punk) but lately I'm also getting into folk music.

Spooky responds:

Love both folk and punk, but not really the combination genre (folk punk). Well, what I've heard of it anyway. My favourite folk singer songwriter is Phil Elverum. Wonderful guy who writes wonderful music. Check out the Glow Pt 2 by The Microphones (a lo fi band with Phil as the principal member).


2014-06-16 22:29:20

Most people class them as hardcore as opposed to punk, that's why I asked. Oh well.

Spooky responds:

Into a few hardcore bands as well. What are you into?


2014-06-16 22:16:13

Do you like Rise Against at all? If so, you looking forward to the new album?

Spooky responds:

Not really into them. I am into a fair few punk bands, though.


2014-06-14 17:52:27

whens rei

Spooky responds:

One of my fav Eva girls